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6 Ways to Identify Fonts From Image

How to know which font are using in the image? Here are the best ways to identify.

If you are searching how to identify the fonts from an image you come to the right place. These 6 cool tools will help a lot for all your needs.

The deal is that different font shops have different font collections in their database. So finding the font from a picture can be tricky business. The best way to know what the font is to try different tools and forums, here is our list of the best services for font identification to check below.

Let’s look at these tools and find your best match for fonts investigation:

1. What Font Is

Whatfontis was founded back in 2009, passed multiple transformations and today the font identification runs completely on AI. It has a catalogue of 790K+ fonts (commercial or free). The system uses advanced AI to find the font, so in 90% of the cases are one to one success.

2. What The Font

This font finder uses deep learning to search in their collection of over 133,000 font styles to find the best match for the fonts from your image. It even works with connected scripts and when there’s more than one font in an image. Just upload an image, click the font you want to identify, then enjoy the results.

3. Fontspring Matcherator

If you want to the font from your image quickly, don’t wait and try to use this font finder. Just upload the image and get the list of unique results.

4. Font Squirrel Font Identifier

This font finder works exactly the same as the previous service: you upload an image, crop a font, and the software detects possible matching font options. But there is something that makes Font Squirrel unique. In particular, the ability to rotate images and identify fonts embedded in an unconventional form. Enjoy.

5. Quora

As you already know Quora is where most users go to get answers to their questions. There is a category called Typeface Identification, where you can upload an image and ask if anyone knows the name of the font. You can get an expert opinion without having to pay for it. Let’s try?

6. Reddit /r/ Identify This Font

It is one of the subreddits, the mini-forum that aims at identifying the typography by using a crowdsourcing with an answers for your unknown font.

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