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30 Cool Websites with a Blue Color Palette

Feel the light breeze of the blue ocean and create the best website ever.

The blue color is not only very popular in web design, but also has such properties as a harmonious and subtle and fantastic color in the palette. So today our review features as many as 30 original and modern website designs that you can view online and get some inspiration.

We strive for many things in life, when we achieve them we become determined to move mountains and we are visited by cheerful energy. The same in web design, when the goal is achieved, we do incredible things that give euphoria and a kick to go further.

Blue color has special properties and it is the only color that most web designers and ordinary people choose. If none of the colors are suitable, then make sure to do everything in blue you will never go wrong. In mean time use its shades, which are really many to choice, such as azure, dark blue, turquoise, green blue, pastel blue and the like.

Be prepared for some amusing blue websites performances on this page, clicking on each one will take you to the original link where you can go over all the ins and outs, but feel free to go back and check out the other links without any remorse.

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Showcase of Blue Websites

Dip stright into some of these blue website design inspirations and consider how blue is used from popular websites to public school websites.

1. Tiny

Clean and minimalist bright blue design without any additional parts, which is suitable for any corporate or business websites. Fascinating looks very neat and not annoying.

2. Mostly Serious

This website choose mostly bold blue color with a halftone style which are so impressive. Perfectly paired with animation and lots of unique and energetic orange.

3. Ahrefs

Another bold and intensive blue color website which are the best choice for any business website can be done. The dimmed menu and other texts while the description made in bold and huge letters and orange bhuton going well for the pairing of the colors.

4. Whitetail Gin

The tones of white and dark blue conclude a clean and classy look that complement the Whitetail Gin brand. The example how to create impressive pure website for a product.

5. We Are Dark Blue

Complementing their name, the website uses a greatly solid blue color as its background suitable with a nice animation and photographs to the style of the whole website.

5. User Testing

This web design using a white and blue colors in main, so good going with the some subtleties around the whole website. A perfect example for designs who require not many details in it.

6. Ramotion

A nice lightweight and eye-catching web design without any noise or stressful things in it. Just modern and clean example so good going for any product presentation or technology designs.

7. WP-Rocket

The designer of this website choose the deep blue color with white text and some colorful details in it. The best example how to perfectly pairing the background and the rest things of the site.

8. Symbolicons

It is a funny and friendly set of thousands of icons for designers. This web design is an example how to create a cool and clean layout without any additional parts.

9. CardWiz

Attractive dark blue with illustrations web design which can teach you how to pairing the background with some useful details.

10. Whitehead Institute

The official and stright web design dedicated to learning or non-profit fields. It also conveys a conservative, orderly, and traditional feel.

11. Audris Gauracs

The example of personal website design pairing sky blue and white colors that brings trust for the clients. Ideal layout for portfolio, e-commerce and corporate websites.

12. Dot Lung

The rule that blue and red cannot be combined is broken. However, this rare phenomenon occurs in web design. We do not recommend such a composition, but if you want to stand out, then the possibility is there.

13. Benediktas Gylys

The designer’s personal web design that uses a deep blue color with dimmed illustration in the background and white text. That a perfect design you learn from.

14. Blocksy

The bright and attention-grabbing blue splash does its good work. This design is suitable for presentations, portfolio, corporate or business websites.

15. Digital Asset

A solid and eye-catching web design for corporate website. They are using different blue colors from sky blue to pastel blue and is great example for a design that matter.

16. Yuko Higuchi x Gucci

A fantastic, playfull and funny web design so good if you add a litle spicy and unforgettable photos or illustrations. The saturated blue harmonizes perfectly with the typography and the little puzzle game in the middle.

17. Jebsen Careers

This awesome web design is perfect for team, product or shop websites. Ideal pairing the blue and turquise photos with dark blue text and the same color logo.

18. Frase

This SEO company has choosen a blue as dark as the night sky for the background color and some useful details which are in white and green. Great design, simply to create.

19. Shapefest

The sky blue background with different style shapes in different colors makes it calming, relaxing, and inspiring.

20. BlockFi

If you want to portray to consumers that a company is solid and one that can be trusted with their finances, you grant its site a blue design.

21. Bunny

Creative dark blue background containing with many text and 3D illustration, bring this design to the higher level. Jump to the next generation with this web design example.

22. Mica

Awesome personal web design for creative people. The photo combined with a clean light blue background and white text, creates an impact for visitors.

23. Florent Biffi

Interactive blue design with cool shapes and huge text + a modern menu which makes an attraction for visitors.

24. Photon

Super modern and innovative web design with dark background, blue brains and white text. It’ subtle but in the same time the theme for a new generation life.

25. Sorel City

Navy blue is a fitting color for this website so good going together with the text and incomonated image slideshow. A good web design example for public based websites.

26. Propel

Perfect and inspirational web design while background is black the elements arount is blue and white. The word grow cast in with a stairs up and visualy this looks great.

27. Troa

This french site uses a navy blue color as a background while other components is in different colors. This option is very modern and good looking for many years.

28. 27lisboa

A classic style web design in blue and white colors so good going for many type of websites such as portfolio, corporate or e-commerce.

29. Qwary

Typical navy blue web design incomponated with a green buttons and white text. It’s a moder, clean and outstanding design for classic website.

30. Labo Inspire

A navy blue background with grid and some colorful shapes looks good when pairing with a dark green color. White text brings bright attention to know what the site is for.

Blue Website Color Schemes

1. Funny Fish

Hex Codes:  #d0d8ed  |  #a2ace6  |  #615cff  |  #3b48d7  #062759

Use the bright blue from these colors as the background of the hero section of your web design to catch your visitor’s attention immediately while other colors as accent for sections.

2. Underwater Scene

Hex Codes:  #daf8e3  |  #97ebdb  |  #00c2c7  |  #0086ad   #005582

From deep underwaters to light blue scenes, your web design will be awesome if you use these colors. Perfect for blog layouts, studio or corporate websites.

3. Ice Slime Blue Slime

Hex Codes:  #0099ff  |  #a5f4f7  |  #0081e2  |  #00d3f7  #0083ff

Enjoy this perfect marine blue colors for your travel based web designs. This composition of blues is very popular between web designers so you never will be wrong for using them.

4. L’Oreal Beauty Tech

Hex Codes:  #4d4084  |  #414796  |  #225ac6  |  #1ca5e9  #34d6db

Oh, that’s an ideal choice for web designers from bright to dark blues with this color palette you can create the whole web design if you have a vision to go blue.

5. Better Discord

Hex Codes:  #101116  |  #3a71c1  |  #ececec  |  #a8acb1  #2853ab

For web designs that need strength, this palette will create a design conflict, but you will definitely create a unique design that may not be to everyone’s taste, but it will be interesting to play with the colors.

6. Brand Colors

Hex Codes:  #8fc9d9  |  #566fb8  |  #004aad  |  #670bf5  #290055

These blue colors are intended for brands and established web designs. They differ slightly and have a very exceptional sensitivity. You just need to match these colors and you will get the best result.

7. Can I Have a Joe

Hex Codes:  #196bff  |  #5ea1ec  |  #b5c6eb  |  #86e0e9  #1bffeb

A wonderful combination of colors is intended for designers who create attractive and memorable web design. These hot blue colors are suitable for personal blogs, to highlighting titles or a solid portfolio.


If you are a professional designer or a startup, there is no difference. Everyone can play with these color combinations and simply blue color is comprehensive and suitable for any web design, which you will definitely not spoil. Try to match them as carefully as possible with the whole environment in layout and it will be a huge plus when your customers will be impressed. Just enjoy! 🙂

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