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30 Cool Websites with a Yellow Color Palette

Be ready for a yellow burst and let your minds dream yellow.

Yellow color has certain calming properties and sets a good mood. So today our review features as many as 30 original and modern website designs that you can view online and get some inspiration.

We want our web design to be as sophisticated as possible, as modern as possible and all this is possible, because nowadays anything can be created. However, it depends on your imagination and financial characteristics. The thing about yellow in web designs is that it’s not too blindingly sharp, and it also has many shades and tones. It is one of the most popular colors after blue and red.

We ride yellow cabs in New York, we dress in yellow to look special, we like gold because it’s yellow, etc. So why not take it and create a web design that would surprise not only you, but also the people who visited.

Be prepared for some hilarious yellow websites performances on this page, clicking on each one will take you to the original link where you can go over all the ins and outs, but feel free to go back and check out the other links without any remorse.

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Showcase of Yellow Websites

Dive stright into some of these yellow website design inspirations and consider how yellow is used from popular websites to public school websites.

1. Root Studio

A nice example of website with a yellow background to highlight its case study about the Chester Zoo. This minimalist and creative design bring a lot of likes from visitors.

2. Siteleaf

Siteleaf is dedicated to a content management system which is designed for a better web. The darker shades of yellow background creates a window to the site’s meaning and brings a lot of power for it.

3. Adam Hartwig

This cool website contains different colors in each slider, but we want to create for you an imagination how a yellow color working with this minimalist website design.

4. Dotdotdot

A true minimalist website with an intensive yellow color working on designing innovative human experiences. An interesting portfolio design where you can click for popping previews make this website more attractive and modern.

5. Wolff Olins

This peaceful color palette is an excellent example of the Wolf Olin design sense, putting every brand in the spotlight. Enjoy an outstanding design which is minimalist and different from others.


This stunning ecommerce website are using yellow as main color to keep the site eye-catching. When you scroll down you will find some cool elements as the site is super interactive.

7. Bersi Serlini Franciacorta

A tour of tastes, picnic among the vines it is a website of the small restaurant in Franciacorta. By visting this website you will find more colors, but the main is a cal yellow and this combination is really cool.

8. Impero

A one more website in yellow. The animation transitions between the pages are awesome, geometrically-wise. Take a look among the cool decorative details in it.

9. Malu

This great website is dedicated to an UX/UI designer Malu and her portfolio. This is an another example how the yellow color can create an eye-catching, easy to use layout.

10. Bannerbear

The Bannerbear website is an example how to create a clean and use each space that it looks more attractive. As you scroll, the yellow practically drips into the dominant white background, as though this website has a fresh coat of paint applied.

11. Almanac

The domination of yellow grunge background with same color icons and animated manu style this website is a perfect example how to make a lively website without a lot of efforts.

12. Lordz

Lordz dance academy website is full of yellow color and together with animated background it looks very atractive. Enjoy the modernistic and creative style.

13. Immi

A website that is completely finished. It doesn’t lack anything, just a perfect example for your web designs.

14. Vestre

This ideal website emphasizes seeing their furniture in showing and uses yellow highlights to draw the eye toward menus and options in the website’s interface. Great option for huge ecommerce designs.

15. Postmark

This outstanding website pairing yellow and white of colors to create a stunning aesthetic for their brand. It’s layout is minimalist and the structure is ideal.

16. The Robin Collective

It’s a funny made and attractive portfolio website. This collective of designers uses multiple colors across their site to draw the eye to various website sections, but the yellow plays the main role.

17. Toy Fight

A super modern web design with a dominant yellow color, but if you discover other pages you will get an attraction in other colors. It’s portfolio layout and effects are simply amazing.

18. Works Studio

This website designs are bold and vibrant, equally so is the splash of yellow that greets visitors to look what is prepared inside. The modern strategy of it’s layout is a winning strategy, just come in to look.

19. Design Season

A versatile yellow design with bold headlines and cool animation, this website can capture your heart. The background is full of yellow color with some black interps.

20. Gucci Burst

Fully animated with graphic designs website for your investigation. It’s yellow color well going with the style and effects.

21. Future London Academy

Modern and clean yellow layout with running letters make such an interesting impression. It is important that the text is easy to read. You can simply take some design inspiration from this great website.

22. Flower Show

This cool yellow website was created with Weblium and is a great example who want so clean and modern design to craft for the clients. This layout template you can get in Weblium and start a site today.

23. Jazz from Romania

The designers and owners of this Radio Romania have a great taste and have created this website an innovative and creative. Easy navigation and everything what needs a such radio station.

24. Maggie Stiefvater

The official website of article’s author Maggie Stiefvater positions her as a bold, insightful creator who wants her website to have as much impact as her writings. Excellent style of the website, nice attitude, interesting work in designing. Worth to look and take for inspiration.

25. Glyphy

This cool and easy to use website is an online tool for designers and writers. It’s so easy to navigate and the darker shades of yellow color makes it precious.

26. Fotonaut

A nice website to play and buy a photo things. The layout is yellow in a black frame, it looks different and strange, but in the whole style amazing.

27. Yellow Tail

This creative winery website is for adults only, but seriously it have an attractive design which are great for your eyes. A simply navigation and lovely yellow-black colors makes it worth for your attention.

28. Sennep

This creative website with main yellow color scheme is perfect for marketing products as its functionality extends beyond usability to evoke a sense of joy, trust, and brand loyalty. Inside you can meet more colors and they all are in a harmony, let’s enjoy!

29. Yellow Pony

This cool and magical french website can bring a lot of ideas to your imagination. The layout is interactive and good looking from all sides. Well done pony!

30. Alts Digital

This website is different from others as index page dominated color is black, but when you scrolling down you will find an intensive yellow which are so modern and attractive. The design are full of surprises, just take a look.


We hope you found everything what you need to get more ideas and already craft the future designs in your head. Yellow is a great color, but Please visit our other posts for blue, red, green website design showcases and enjoy them all, it’s free! 🙂

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