Current date:December 9, 2022

Wendy’s Logo Get’s an ‘Emo’ Style in London Location

The burger giant has given up her pigtails for face-covering bangs in their Camden restaurant.

The successful chain of burger restaurants Wendy’s has delivered an extraordinary surprise at their new Camden restaurant in London. The windows were decorated with innovative style Wendy’s girl faces and hairs. When people saw this, they were very surprised and did not spare various positive and negative ovations.

That simplified matters, incorporating a new, friendlier drawing and a more modern hand-script font. But it still didn’t stray very far from the original design, which has helped make Wendy’s the third biggest burger chain after McDonald’s and Burger King. (says

We don’t know if the new look of the Wendy’s girl will be used in the updated logo, but their move has been left in limbo.

This time, however, Wendy wanted to make a lasting impression in an area known for music and fashion — and the resulting Emo Wendy has certainly captured the internet’s attention.

Credit: Wendy’s UK

In London’s Camden street you can discover many artistic murals, so it’s no secret that this new restaurant was obliged to dress up in an artistic style and become another art icon in this district area.

So what happened in Wendy’s life that made her switch her style? The whole thing is actually an advertising campaign. Back in June, Wendy’s teamed up with the ad agency VMLY&R and the artist platform Camden Open Air Gallery to design three new mascots that fit the Camden vibe. Three different looks were designed in total — punk, bouffant quiff, and emo — and Twitter followers were then asked to vote on which Wendy should be the face of the Camden location. (says

We’ll be honest, though: we’d love to see any of these designs rolled out further. But for now let’s go partying with the style the Wendy’s has been done for all of us 🙂

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