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What Font Should I Use? 5 Principles for Choosing a Font

It is always complicated to get your hands on the right fonts that look good for your website or brand as a beginner. However, once you brace yourself with the basic principles of picking the right font, it won't remain complicated for you.

As a professional graphic designer, you should know which font will reflect your professionalism and people will better perceive your message and thought. 

Now there are endless choices for designers from which they can make a selection after in-depth analysis. It takes years of experience to make the right choice, and once you are capable of it, you can rule the industry.

5 Principles for Choosing a Font

Once you know which type of font is used for a particular niche, it won’t be hard for you to select the appropriate one. From conventional fonts to modern fonts, you have various choices on which you should pay particular consideration.

Choosing the correct typeface is a blend of firm guidelines and free instinct, and takes long periods of experience to build up an inclination for. Here are five rules for picking and utilizing fonts that I’ve created to avoid confusion. This detailed guide will assist in selecting the right font for your business or brand.

1. Pick the Onique and Distinctive Font

Picking the fonts is the same as dressing up in the morning for the party, where you have to look elegant yet unique that reflects your personality and taste. If you are a beginner, you must be confused while making the selection out of many options, but with the time, you will know which font is satisfactory for your particular site or brand.

Every font reflects some emotions, and your one mistake can let people look at your message wrong. If you have a website of jeans, you should select the font that depicts emotions. If we talk about the font names then there are a number of but if you would like to make your design more creative then univers font should be a good choice for you as it’s unique handwritten font that can be used for your websites. 

No existing font can match this font because of its uniqueness. Similarly, whatever website you are running, keep its niche in mind and later work according to it. It is the first principal for choosing the right font.

2. Develop the Appropriate Structure

Before selecting a particular font, one significant thing that needs to notice is the structure. We all know that fonts are divided into different subcategories, and each category of the font is used for a specific purpose. Maintaining a proper structure is one of the challenging tasks for the designers as they should be aware of the font families and how to use them in their designs.

Hence whenever you have to use more than 1 font, analyze the groups of fonts and use them to complement each other. You can get various examples of font grouping online. Once you are familiar with using the group of fonts, it will be easy for you to maintain the structure that is a crucial element.

3. Select Fonts That Compliment Each Other

Now you have the grouping of fonts and already know which font will be suitable for your website, What’s next? The task is not finished here. Next, you have to make sure the group of fonts you have selected either goes with each other or will make your website look odd. Either the fonts will mix or not.

It is the basic principle, and to implement it practically; you have to experiment with it. For instance, mix all the fonts you have selected and then check either they compliment each other or needs to be modified for better results. Always make sure, however, you will utilize them, they should be easy to understand and read.

Otherwise, it will have an adverse impact on your business. Whenever we think of using multiple fonts, we have to make our viewers comfortable with the reading so that they don’t question whether the fonts are the same.

4. Don’t Overuse a Single Font

The primary issue arises when we overuse a single font, and people get exhausted by seeing the entire context in the same font. Always remember that a little can go a long way. If you are using multiple fonts, you should know how much is needed for a single context. When it comes to business logo fonts, they should complement the other fonts on your site, but be used exclusively for the logo so it stands out. 

Anything exceeded from the recommended dosage looks odd, and the same is the case with fonts. For instance, if we dress up for a fancy party in the same color, will it not look creepy and unconventional?

On the other hand, if we will do the appropriate addition of another color that goes well with the base color, it will give a pleasant look to your clothes and personality. Hence whenever you use multiple fonts, use them accurately.

5. Don’t Follow the Rules

Last but not least, the most crucial rule that needs to be considered is, ‘Don’t follow any rule’ Sounds weird? Yes, it is a significant rule that often, designers neglect. They keep following different rules and end up getting irritated and messed up.

Hence if you want to select the best font, experiment it instead of following rules that keep changing with trends. Try different fonts, and the one that looks appropriate should be followed. It is one of the great ways to master yourself in this field. If you want to be a professional designer, follow these steps and enjoy the results.


These are the 5 essential rules that, if you start following, will make you professional within no time. In the end, picking how to choosing a font is all about a deep understanding of fonts and their grouping. Once you gather enough experience, the process will become simple and straightforward.

I have made sure to describe the principles for choosing a font in detail for better comprehension. It will be helpful for you in the future. I hope you will find this guide useful and informative. Consider this article for the next time when you select the fonts for a particular website.

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