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Which Logo Type is Suitable for Your Website

Logo is important to brand your business, but which type suits best for your website read in this article.

The website and logo type is an important digital marketing tool in this day and age. People are likely to visit your web page when searching for particular products or service to get an idea of your business. Your website not only helps market or promote your brand but also makes your customer base familiar with visual elements of your brand identity.

Mostly, website owners create a company logo design, so that they can base their brand theme such as fonts, imagery and typography which help visitors make a purchasing decision and highlight the brand values. Overall, the design of the website is quite crucial to making the first impression and attracting potential consumers. One of the most critical parts of this is the logo which you has to be featured prominently.

In order to create awareness and consistency in your branding strategy, you need to make sure that the logo type you choose is right or suitable for your website.


These logos are based on typography and font, and are typically used when the company name is quite long. So to shorten it and make it easier for people to recall and remember, businesses tend to opt for lettermarks. You will find that such brand identity designs are quite suitable for websites. They are minimalistic, easy to scale and can be featured in the top left corner of the web page.

According to a report, 42 percent of American consumers are of the opinion that a logo tells them about the personality of the brand. As a business owner, you should incorporate your logo within the website in a way that it gives them an accurate idea of the nature of your work and brand immediately.

Mostly, brand symbols are placed in the top or the header which allows people to recognize them easily. There are many companies which use lettermarks such as law firms, fashion houses or broadcasting networks as well. If you take a look at the website for BBC below, you can see how the corporation has strategically placed their logo for brand awareness and recognition.

Image source

Similarly, if a lettermark is relevant to your brand and conveys its values in the best way possible, you can opt for it on your website. In case, your logo is a combination of a wordmark and monogram, featuring the minimalistic design on the platform will help you attract attention and engage consumers effectively.

Abstract Marks or Icons

For a technology business or otherwise as well, abstract marks are quite the suitable logo type for websites. With a simplistic icon that is featured on the page without any additional elements such as text or slogan can go a long way in creating mystery and interest within the consumers. One of the most well-known examples of an abstract mark being used on websites and pages is the Apple icon.

The company has a loyal consumer base and a globally recognized symbol so that makes it easier to feature the logo without a wordmark or name. Both Mastercard and Target have also followed a similar path and chosen their abstract marks to feature on their webpages.

Image source

If you are starting out and trying to build a name in the industry, it is important that people get more information from your logo design. So you can go for a combination instead of just the icon to build awareness as well as convey your brand values to consumers.

Combination Designs

Some business can choose to have variations of their designs for digital and print mediums. You can come up with one for your website that is a combination of different types. So there can be a wordmark with a pictorial or an abstract icon which has a lettermark by it as well. Companies such as Adidas, Slack and have opted for combination logo design on their websites.

They are placed in a way that people can instantly view them while browsing through the page which clears any confusing about its authenticity as well. It has been reported in a study that a human brain is able to process visuals or images 60000 quicker than words and text.

By using a combination logo, you can make it easier for people to remember your logo and also associate your brand name with it.

Simple Wordmarks

This type of logo can be easily incorporated within a website and is quite suitable for it too. If you think about it, eBay, Coca-Cola and FedEx are all popular wordmarks which make a strong impression on the web page as well. They not only send out the right message but have also played a huge role in increasing brand recognition across the globe.

In case, your logo is a simplistic wordmark, it will help you avoid any clutter or confusion among the visitors on the page.

To Sum Up

These are some of the logo types which can be highly suitable for your website. If you are thinking about coming up with one, you can think about opting for any ones that complement the layout of your website and keep it minimalistic. In case you already have an established brand identity design, you can introduce new variations on your website to target a younger demographic.

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